Welcome to 'Emprəs

Founder and CEO of ‘Emprəs, Kandy Robertson, set out to introduce a luxury hair care line for women of all ages, that encourages women empowerment, by building confidence one hair strand at a time.

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Our goal is to have all women feel and look their best, to seize the day and conquer the world. “Every woman is a Queen”, is our company’s vision. We hope to inspire women to value their voice, to be positive and love themselves.

What we offer at 'Emprəs

Luxury Hair Care Products


More than juts a detangler, strengthen and repair damages by giving it the antioxidants and the nourishment it needs while promoting hair growth and boosting shine!

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Enhance Curls

Enhance and elongate your curls, with added protection, moisture and hydration, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthy with just 1 use! Notice the difference right away!

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Repair Damage

Repair damaged and brittle hair with this ultra- lux conditioning cream, built to protect your hair humidity, deeply repairs damages and while boosting shine!

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What Makes Us Different

All our products are infused with Baobab Proteins, for strengthening and Chia Seed Oil, added protection from breakage.

Each product has their own added protein blends that:

  • promote hair growth
  • repair damage
  • boost shine
  • added antioxidants
  • prevent hair loss
  • thickening
  • repairs hair follicles and root growth
  • reduce frizz
  • protection from humidity
  • seals moisture
  • provides hydration


All our products are all Natural, Organic and Vegan.

Cruety FREE and No Animal Testing

FREE from Parabes, Pthalates and Sulfates.

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